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"I escaped by the skin of my teeth. When I think of his cold and calculating manner, I shudder."

Ex-girlfriend Stephanie Brooks speaking about Bundy

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. It's up at my folk's house. Just up the hill."

Bundy, at Lake Sammammish St. Park, explaining to a potential victim where the mythical sailboat that he wanted the girl to help him with is was located. Luckily for her, she declined to leave with Bundy. Two others who did were killed

You don't need these handcuffs. I'm not going anywhere."

Bundy to bailiffs after being convicted of aggravated kidnapping in Utah. He later successfully escaped from custody twice

"But I'm the most cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch you'll ever meet."

Bundy, responding to Detective Jack Poitinger, who had pried at Bundy's conscience to obtain the whereabouts of Kimberly Ann Leach's corpse

"No. Absolutely not. It's important for me. It's important for my credibility because there is so much question about my credibility."

Bundy to Bob Keppel, denying the murder of 9-year-old Anne Marie Burr and espousing on the issue of serial killer credibility

"You just killed yourself."

Bob Keppel to Bundy after their last interview together, voicing his opinion on how badly Bundy had managed his last-ditch attempt at another stay of execution.