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Giving police the name Ken Misner, Bundy was able to hid his true identity from Pensacola detectives for a while, but he soon gave it up and admitted who he was. He had been added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list (poster pictured at left) so it was really only a matter of time. He was transferred to Tallahassee and was indicted on July 27, 1978, for the Chi Omega killings and for the Leach murder four days later. The typical games soon began with Bundy asking that first the judge, then his defense team, be replaced. Both motions were denied. He then met with Judge Ed Cowart to plead guilty, but reconsidered and withdrew the admission.

After being moved to Miami the Chi Omega trial began on July 3, almost a year after his arrest. A fair defense was presented but Bundy was found guilty on July 23. the bite marks on Levy's buttock and Nita Neary's eyewitness identification were too much to be overcome. Five days late the penalty phase began. Character witnesses were called by both sides including Mary Louise Bundy for the defense. Bundy wept during his mother's testimony, a rare show of real emotion. Details from the DeRonch conviction were allowed to be heard and on July 31, the jury decided that Ted Bundy should be put to death.

Despite already being on his way to death row, the state of Florida elected to try Bundy for the Leach murder on January 7, 1980. It was one-sided and Bundy was found guilty on December 6. The penalty phase began three days later. Throughout the trials Bundy had questioned people on the stand and generally acting as part of his defense team. During the penalty proceeding for the Leach case, he took advantage of a Florida law proclaiming that any declaration of marriage in a courthouse in the presence of court officersis valid and legally binding. Using this odd law, he proposed to his current girlfriend, Carol Ann Boone, during his re-direct of her on the stand. At that moment Boone became Bundy's wife. A few short hours later, he was sentenced to death for the killing of Leach and sent to Raiford Prison.

As for Boone, who Bundy had known since his college days in Washington, she had begun to move into Bundy's life as Liz Kendall had sid out of it. Boone stuck by her killer boyfriend through thick and thin. After their strange marriage Boone even became pregnant with Bundy's child, so she claimed, despite a lack of conjugal visits between the two. She gave birth to a daughter in October of 1982. By 1986 she had completely fallen out of Bundy's life.

Nothing came easy with Bundy and the execution would not happen anytime soon. Bundy, still proclaiming his innocence, methodically exhausted his appeals. Mostly representing himself, he managed to aquire many stays of execution, including one with a mere fifteen minutes before he was scheduled to die on July 2, 1986, and another on November 18th, just seven hours before the big moment. But time was definitely running out.

On January 17, 1989, the final death warrant was issued. It was to be carried out just a week later. Bundy was not finished in his fight to avoid death and he attmepted to hold his coveted confesions as bait to obtain another stay. He and his attorneys asked for an additional three years for Bundy to confess to the killings and also tried to coerce the victims families to plead with the court to allow Bundy time to properly confess. Despite their not knowing the fate of many of his victims, all of the families refused.

Bundy did hold a marathon of confession interviews in his last few days, though it was obvious he was not ready to admit everything, expecially the murders involving some of the younger victims. The state of Florida would not be deterred this time. Bundy called his mother, refused a last meal, and was electrocuted as scheduled on January 24, 1989. He was pronounced dead at 7:16 AM.

The world was finally rid of Ted Bundy.