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Victim's List (Chronological)

This is my list of Bundy's victims as I know it from information available to me. Because of the circumstances of Bundy's case I have no doubt that this list is not accurate and highly debatable. There is little doubt that there are many more unknown victims.

Bundy Victims List
Donna Manson 3/12/74
Susan Elaine Rancourt 4/17/74
Kathy Parks 5/6/74
Brenda Baker 5/25/74
Brenda Ball 6/1/74
Georgeann Hawkins 6/11/74
Janice Ott 7/14/74
Denise Naslund 7/14/74
Jane Doe 9/2/74
Nancy Wilcox 10/2/74
Melissa Smith 10/18/74
Laura Aimee 10/31/74
Debbie Kent 11/8/74
Caryn Campbell 1/12/75
Julie Cunningham 3/15/75
Denise Oliverson 4/6/75
Melanie Cooley 4/15/75
Lynette Culver 5/6/75
Susan Curtis 6/28/75
Shelley Robertson 7/1/75
Nancy Baird 7/4/75
Debbie Smith 2/?/76
Lisa Levy 1/15/78
Margaret Bowman 1/15/78
Kimberly Ann Leach 2/9/78